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    • Introduction:

      • Rem Koolhaas is a Dutch architect and urban theorist who is considered one of the most influential architects of his generation.
      • El Croquis 079 is a special issue dedicated to Koolhaas’s work from 1992 to 1996, a period of significant creative output and critical acclaim.
    • Featured Projects:

      • The issue features detailed plans, sections, and elevations of 10 of Koolhaas’s most iconic projects from this period, including:
        • Euralille, Lille, France (1987-1994)
        • Villa dall’Ava, Paris, France (1991-1998)
        • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK (1991-1995)
        • Maison à Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France (1993-1997)
        • Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands (1992-1996)
    • Thematic Overviews:

      • The issue provides thematic explorations of key aspects in Koolhaas’s work, such as:
        • Urbanism and the City: Analyze how Koolhaas’s work explores the relationship between architecture and the city, and how it seeks to challenge and redefine the traditional urban fabric.
        • Materiality and Technology: Explore Koolhaas’s experimentation with new materials and technologies, and how they contribute to his architectural aesthetic.
        • Critical Theory and Cultural Commentary: Discuss how Koolhaas’s work is informed by critical theory and cultural commentary, and how it seeks to engage with contemporary social and political issues.
    • Critical Essays:

      • The issue features critical essays by prominent architects and critics offering their perspectives on Koolhaas’s work, highlighting his influential role in contemporary architecture.
    • Interviews:

      • The issue includes interviews with Koolhaas himself, providing insights into his design philosophy, creative process, and sources of inspiration.
    • Visuals:

      • El Croquis is renowned for its high-quality photographs, drawings, and sketches, offering a comprehensive visual exploration of Koolhaas’s projects and their spatial intricacies.

    Rem Koolhaas is known for his innovative and experimental approach to architecture. He is often described as a “postmodern” architect, as his work often challenges the traditional conventions of architecture.

    Koolhaas is also a prolific writer and theorist, and his work has been widely influential on the development of architectural discourse.

    Here are some specific examples of how Rem Koolhaas’s work explores the city as a hybrid:

    • Euralille: This project is a masterplan for a new urban district in Lille, France. The plan combines a variety of uses, including commercial, residential, and cultural, in a single, integrated development.
    • Villa dall’Ava: This house is located in a dense urban neighborhood in Paris. The house is designed to maximize the amount of natural light and ventilation, while also providing privacy for its residents.
    • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts: This museum is located on the campus of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. The museum is designed to be a flexible space that can be adapted to changing needs.
    • Maison à Bordeaux: This house is located in a suburban neighborhood in Bordeaux, France. The house is designed to be a sustainable and energy-efficient home.
    • Kunsthal Rotterdam: This museum is located in the center of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The museum is designed to be a public space that is open and accessible to everyone.

    Koolhaas’s work is often praised for its originality, its engagement with contemporary social and political issues, and its impact on the development of architectural discourse. He is a true visionary in the field of architecture, and his work continues to inspire and challenge architects worldwide.

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