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    El Croquis 88-89 is a monograph on the work of Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, covering his work from 1991 to 1997. This period saw Zumthor at the height of his creative powers, producing a series of iconic buildings that have been widely acclaimed for their poetic beauty and profound sense of place.

    The book begins with an introduction by Zumthor himself, in which he discusses his architectural philosophy and his approach to materials. This is followed by a series of essays by architectural critics and historians, who offer their perspectives on Zumthor’s work.

    The main body of the book is a comprehensive overview of Zumthor’s work from this era. The book includes projects from a variety of scales, including buildings, urban plans, and installations. The projects are presented in a chronological order, allowing readers to trace the development of Zumthor’s architectural language.

    Some of the most notable projects featured in the book include:

    • Therme Vals (1996): A spa complex in the Swiss Alps, the Therme Vals is a masterpiece of sensuality and materiality. The building is clad in local stone, which is used to create a series of warm and inviting spaces.
    • Bruder Klaus Field Chapel (1996): A small chapel in the Swiss Alps, the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is a meditation on the relationship between man and nature. The building is made of wood and stone, and it is nestled into the landscape.
    • Kolumba Museum (1999): A museum of religious art in Cologne, Germany, the Kolumba Museum is a complex and layered building that tells the story of Christianity in the city. The building is made of a variety of materials, including stone, glass, and steel.

    The book concludes with a section on Zumthor’s current work. This section provides an overview of the firm’s most recent projects, including the Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Museum der Moderne Salzburg.

    El Croquis 88-89 is an essential resource for anyone interested in the work of Peter Zumthor. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the firm’s early work, and it offers insights into the development of Zumthor’s architectural language.**


    • Peter Zumthor
    • El Croquis 88-89
    • 1991-1997
    • Therme Vals
    • Bruder Klaus Field Chapel
    • Kolumba Museum
    • Architectural Theory
    • Materiality
    • Place

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