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    This double issue of El Croquis takes a deep dive into the recent work of Álvaro Siza, the celebrated Portuguese architect whose influence spans decades and continents. Covering the years 2015 to 2022, it showcases 22 projects that exemplify Siza’s continued evolution and mastery of space, light, and materiality.

    Highlights of Siza’s Recent Work:

    • Refined Minimalism: While retaining his signature minimalist aesthetic, Siza’s recent projects exhibit a heightened refinement and attention to detail. The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon, Portugal, exemplifies this with its sleek concrete volumes and carefully orchestrated interplay of light and shadow.
      Image of Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT)
    • Poetic Play with Light: Natural light remains a crucial element in Siza’s work, used to sculpt spaces and evoke emotion. The Chapel of Saint Joseph in Bruges, Belgium, demonstrates this beautifully, with light filtering through slender concrete fins, creating a sense of spiritual serenity.
      Image of Chapel of Saint Joseph in Bruges, Belgium
    • Contextual Sensitivity: Siza’s buildings engage deeply with their surroundings, respecting and enhancing existing landscapes and urban fabrics. The New Chiado Museum in Lisbon, Portugal, seamlessly integrates into the city’s historic center, offering both a new cultural space and a respectful dialogue with the past.
      Image of New Chiado Museum in Lisbon, Portugal

    Beyond Stunning Visuals:

    El Croquis 215-216 provides much more than just architectural eye candy. It offers:

    • Insights into Siza’s design process: Uncover his collaborative approach, inspirations, and how he utilizes sketches, models, and prototypes to refine his ideas.
    • Exploration of theoretical underpinnings: Discover the influences of phenomenology, existentialism, and the Portuguese landscape on Siza’s architectural philosophy.
    • Critical perspectives: Learn how critics and theorists interpret Siza’s work, analyzing its social, cultural, and historical significance.

    Engaging with the Monograph:

    To deepen your understanding and appreciation of Siza’s recent work, consider:

    • Focusing on specific projects: Choose projects that resonate with you and delve into their design details, spatial relationships, and connection to context.
    • Comparative analysis: Draw comparisons between Siza’s recent work and his earlier projects or the work of other contemporary architects, identifying continuities and evolutions.
    • Researching influences: Explore the philosophical and artistic movements that have shaped Siza’s work, such as phenomenology and the Portuguese Modernism movement.

    El Croquis 215-216 serves as a testament to the ongoing relevance and brilliance of Álvaro Siza. It presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in his masterful manipulation of space, light, and materials, and to witness the continued refinement of his architectural language. Remember, this is just a starting point. Feel free to ask further questions, explore specific details, and make your own interpretations of Siza’s work as you embark on this captivating architectural journey.

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