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    Published in 2019, El Croquis 194 dives into the captivating architectural realm of Bernhard Brandlhuber, an Austrian architect known for his masterful manipulation of light, materiality, and context. Spanning the years 1996 to 2018, the issue showcases his diverse portfolio, highlighting a unique approach that:

    • Blurs Boundaries: Brandlhuber’s projects seamlessly blend interior and exterior spaces, creating a sense of dialogue between architecture and nature. Walls become permeable, windows transform into expansive openings, and natural elements seep into the constructed environment.
    • Celebrates Materiality: Each material is carefully chosen for its inherent beauty and interaction with light. Exposed concrete, rough-hewn timber, and textured stone become protagonists in his design narratives, adding depth and character to his spaces.
    • Embraces Light and Shadow: Light plays a pivotal role in Brandlhuber’s work. He strategically employs openings, courtyards, and skylights to create dramatic light plays, casting shadows that define spaces and highlight the inherent textures of materials.
    • Responds to Context: Brandlhuber’s projects thoughtfully respond to their surroundings, whether nestled amidst the Austrian Alps or perched on the edge of a lake. He draws inspiration from the local vernacular and landscape, ensuring his architecture integrates harmoniously with its context.

    A Journey Through Diverse Masterpieces:

    El Croquis 194 embarks on a captivating journey through a selection of Brandlhuber’s projects, showcasing his versatility and range:

    • Chapel in Buchberg: This serene chapel perched on a mountainside blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Its rough-hewn timber walls and expansive windows offer breathtaking views, while the interplay of light and shadow creates a contemplative atmosphere.

    • House in Schruns: This mountain retreat utilizes concrete and timber to create a robust yet inviting space. Large windows frame stunning alpine vistas, while carefully placed openings draw natural light deep into the interior.

    • Museum Brandhorst in Munich: This museum extension in Munich showcases Brandlhuber’s ability to adapt his style to urban contexts. The concrete form contrasts with the historic nearby buildings, while the carefully controlled natural light illuminates the artwork within.

    • Gallery of Medellin: This art gallery in Colombia demonstrates Brandlhuber’s international reach. The textured concrete walls and open courtyards create a dynamic space for displaying art, while also integrating with the vibrant urban context.

    A Celebration of Architectural Poetry:

    El Croquis 194 is a love letter to the evocative and poetic architecture of Bernhard Brandlhuber. By juxtaposing stunning visuals, insightful commentary, and detailed drawings, the issue offers a comprehensive understanding of his design philosophy and its impact on contemporary architectural discourse.

    Enriching Your Exploration:

    To further delve into the world of Bernhard Brandlhuber, consider these tips:

    • Incorporate quotes: Include insightful quotes from Brandlhuber himself or architectural critics, reflecting on his work and design principles.
    • Highlight awards and recognitions: Showcase his global impact by mentioning prestigious awards and international acclaim he’s received.
    • Delve into sketches and drawings: If possible, incorporate sketches and drawings from featured projects, offering a glimpse into the early stages of his creative process and design thinking.

    Remember, your passion for architecture and curiosity about Brandlhuber’s work will shine through, making your exploration of El Croquis 194 a truly enriching and inspiring experience.

    I hope this detailed overview, along with the captivating images, allows you to fully appreciate the artistry and depth of Bernhard Brandlhuber’s architectural journey as presented in El Croquis 194.

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