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    Published in 2017, El Croquis 191 dives into the intriguing architectural mind of Go Hasegawa. Spanning the years 2005 to 2017, the issue delves into his exploration of “critical spaces” within Japanese dwellings, showcasing a captivating range of projects that challenge traditional notions of domesticity and embrace a minimalist, yet deeply human-centric approach.

    Beyond Function, a Quest for Critical Spaces:

    While functionality is inherent in his work, Hasegawa goes beyond mere utility, delving into the essence of how we inhabit and experience space. He achieves this through:

    • Critical Spaces: He identifies and manipulates specific “critical spaces” within a dwelling, often thresholds, courtyards, or transitional areas, imbuing them with profound meaning and architectural significance. These spaces blur the lines between inside and outside, fostering a sense of connection and dialogue with the surrounding environment.
    • Minimalist Elegance: His architecture is characterized by clean lines, uncluttered forms, and a focus on essential elements. Materials like concrete, timber, and glass are employed with sensitivity, highlighting their inherent textures and beauty.
    • Connection to Nature: Light and natural elements play a vital role in Hasegawa’s designs. He strategically employs openings, courtyards, and skylights to bring natural light deep into the interior, creating a sense of connection with the outside world.
    • Human Dimension: Despite the minimalist aesthetic, Hasegawa’s architecture remains firmly rooted in the human experience. He creates spaces that are intimate, inviting, and responsive to the needs and emotions of their inhabitants.

    A Journey Through Diverse Projects:

    El Croquis 191 embarks on a captivating journey through a selection of Hasegawa’s diverse projects, exploring his unique design language and its application across various scales and contexts:

    • House in a Forest: Nestled amidst the trees, this minimalist dwelling embraces the surrounding nature, featuring timber walls, large windows, and a central courtyard that blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior.

    • House in Gotanda: This urban residence challenges traditional notions of density, utilizing compact spaces and clever design strategies to create a sense of openess and connection to the sky.

    • Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura: This museum extension seamlessly integrates with the existing museum building while adding a contemporary twist with its concrete forms and minimalist aesthetic.

    • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa: This prominent museum showcases Hasegawa’s ability to adapt his style to large-scale projects, creating a dynamic and engaging space for the display of art.

    A Celebration of Architectural Poetry:

    El Croquis 191 is a testament to the poetic and evocative architecture of Go Hasegawa. By juxtaposing stunning visuals, insightful commentary, and detailed drawings, the issue offers a comprehensive understanding of his design philosophy and its impact on contemporary architectural discourse.

    Enriching Your Exploration:

    To further delve into the world of Go Hasegawa, consider these tips:

    • Incorporate quotes: Include insightful quotes from Hasegawa himself or architectural critics, reflecting on his work and design principles.
    • Highlight awards and recognitions: Showcase his global impact by mentioning prestigious awards and international acclaim he’s received.
    • Delve into sketches and drawings: If possible, incorporate sketches and drawings from featured projects, offering a glimpse into the early stages of his creative process and design thinking.

    Remember, your passion for architecture and curiosity about Hasegawa’s work will shine through, making your exploration of El Croquis 191 a truly enriching and inspiring experience.

    I hope this detailed overview, along with the captivating images of Hasegawa’s projects, allows you to fully appreciate the artistry and depth of his architectural journey as presented in El Croquis 191.

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