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    Published in 2017, El Croquis 189 dedicates its pages to the captivating work of Spanish architect Toni Girones. Spanning the years 2003 to 2017, the issue delves into a rich tapestry of projects, each one a testament to Girones’s masterful manipulation of form, light, and materials. His architecture is a sculptural symphony, celebrating texture, volume, and the interplay of shadow and sunshine.

    Beyond Function, a Celebration of Form:

    While functionality is undoubtedly considered, Girones transcends mere utility, imbuing his architecture with a profound sense of artistic expression and visual intrigue. He achieves this through:

    • Sculptural Forms: His buildings rise as dynamic sculptures, often playing with geometric shapes, unexpected compositions, and intriguing cantilevers. They challenge traditional notions of structure and push the boundaries of architectural creativity.
    • Masterful Use of Light: Light becomes an integral element in Girones’s designs. He strategically employs openings, courtyards, and varying ceiling heights to create dramatic light plays and highlight the intrinsic beauty of materials.
    • Materiality: Each material is carefully chosen for its texture, color, and interaction with light. Exposed concrete, rough-hewn timber, and textured stone become protagonists in his design narratives, adding depth and character to his spaces.
    • Connection to Context: Girones’s projects thoughtfully respond to their surrounding environment, whether it be a bustling urban landscape or a tranquil rural setting. His architecture seeks to establish a harmonious dialogue with its context, often drawing inspiration from the local vernacular and materials.

    A Journey Through Diverse Masterpieces:

    El Croquis 189 embarks on a captivating journey through a selection of Girones’s diverse projects, showcasing his versatility and range:

    • House in La Garriga: This mountainside retreat blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, its stone walls echoing the rocky terrain and its ample windows capturing breathtaking views.

    • House in Empordà: This minimalist seaside haven features a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, with strategically placed openings creating dramatic effects and highlighting the textured concrete walls.

    • School of Architecture in Mataró: This educational institution embodies Girones’s playful and experimental side, featuring geometric forms, vibrant colors, and unexpected connections between interior and exterior spaces.

    • Hotel in Cadaqués: This seaside hotel nestled amongst traditional whitewashed houses reinterprets the local vernacular with a contemporary twist, its stark concrete forms contrasting beautifully with the surrounding architecture.

    A Celebration of Architectural Poetry:

    El Croquis 189 is a love letter to the sculptural and evocative architecture of Toni Girones. By juxtaposing stunning visuals, insightful commentary, and detailed drawings, the issue offers a comprehensive understanding of his design philosophy and its impact on contemporary architectural discourse.

    Enriching Your Exploration:

    To further delve into the world of Toni Girones, consider these tips:

    • Incorporate quotes: Include insightful quotes from Girones himself or architectural critics, reflecting on his work and design principles.
    • Highlight awards and recognitions: Showcase his global impact by mentioning prestigious awards and international acclaim he’s received.
    • Delve into sketches and drawings: If possible, incorporate sketches and drawings from featured projects, offering a glimpse into the early stages of his creative process and design thinking.

    Remember, your passion for architecture and curiosity about Girones’s work will shine through, making your exploration of El Croquis 189 a truly enriching and inspiring experience.

    I hope this detailed overview, along with the captivating images, allows you to fully appreciate the artistry and depth of Toni Girones’s architectural journey as presented in El Croquis 189.

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