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    A Spotlight on Architectural Poetics:

    This issue of El Croquis delves into the captivating world of Smiljan Radic, a renowned Serbian architect whose work has redefined the architectural landscape of the Balkans. Spanning the prolific decade of 2003 to 2013, the publication offers a comprehensive exploration of Radic’s unique voice, characterized by his poetic interpretations of space, materiality, and cultural context.


    Smiljan Radic: Building Narratives – Between Memory and Place

    This evocative headline captures the essence of Radic’s approach. His buildings transcend mere functionality, transforming into narratives that weave together personal memories, historical echoes, and a deep connection to the Balkan region.

    Content Highlights:

    • The Serbian Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale: This iconic pavilion, constructed entirely from stacked wooden logs, embodied a powerful metaphor for resilience and reconstruction in the aftermath of conflict.

    • The National Museum of Montenegro: Located in Cetinje, this museum reinterprets traditional Montenegrin architecture with a contemporary twist, featuring a series of interconnected pavilions nestled amidst a serene park.

    • The Delithe Bridge in Novi Sad: This pedestrian bridge over the Danube River gracefully blends modern engineering with a playful nod to local vernacular forms, creating a vibrant public space.

    • The House with Four Roofs in Belgrade: This introspective residence defies conventional notions of home, employing multiple overlapping roofs to create a layered interplay of light and shadow, fostering a sense of introspective contemplation.

    Beyond individual projects, the issue delves into the core principles that underpin Radic’s architectural philosophy:

    • Poetic Interpretation of Space: Radic’s buildings are not merely shelters; they are vessels for emotion and storytelling, evoking a sense of wonder and inviting personal interpretation.

    • Dialogue with Materiality: He masterfully utilizes a diverse range of materials, often employing them in unexpected ways to create unique textures and dialogues between past and present.

    • Contextual Sensitivity: Radic’s architecture engages deeply with the cultural and historical context of its surroundings, drawing inspiration from local traditions and narratives.

    El Croquis 167 is a captivating journey into the world of Smiljan Radic, offering a deeper understanding of his architectural language and its profound impact on the Balkans and beyond. It is a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary architecture, poetic expression, and the power of placemaking.

    Additional Tips:

    • Include quotes from Radic or other architects reflecting on his work to add depth and critical perspective.
    • Showcase his numerous awards and recognitions, highlighting his global influence.
    • Consider incorporating sketches and drawings, providing a glimpse into the early stages of his creative process.

    I hope this provides a solid foundation for your exploration of Smiljan Radic in El Croquis! Remember, your passion for his work will shine through, making it a truly captivating exploration of architectural artistry.

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