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    El Croquis 161: Mansilla & Tuñón 1992-2012 is a monograph dedicated to the work of the Spanish architectural firm Mansilla & Tuñón, exploring their influential work from 1992 to 2012. This period saw Mansilla & Tuñón rise to prominence in the world of contemporary architecture, celebrated for their unique approach that combines poetic abstraction with social engagement.

    Key Projects:

    • Plaza de España, León (2002): This public square is a masterpiece of urban design. Its undulating concrete forms create a sense of movement and dynamism, while its generous public spaces invite people to gather and socialize.
    • Museum of Contemporary Art, Santander (2011): This museum is a striking example of Mansilla & Tuñón’s poetic abstraction. Its white concrete forms are reminiscent of clouds or icebergs, while its interior spaces are bathed in natural light.
    • National Library of Spain, Madrid (2016): This library is a monumental example of Mansilla & Tuñón’s social engagement. Its vast interior spaces are designed to accommodate the needs of a diverse range of users, while its exterior forms reflect the city’s cultural and historical legacy.

    Architectural Approach:

    Mansilla & Tuñón’s work is characterized by a number of key themes and principles, including:

    • Poetic Abstraction: Mansilla & Tuñón’s buildings often feature abstract forms that are both visually striking and evocative of deeper meaning.
    • Social Engagement: Mansilla & Tuñón’s buildings are designed to be inclusive and welcoming, and they often serve public functions.
    • Sustainability: Mansilla & Tuñón prioritize the use of sustainable materials and construction methods.

    El Croquis 161: A Deeper Look:

    This comprehensive monograph dives into the essence of Mansilla & Tuñón’s architecture through:

    • Detailed project descriptions that unpack their unique approach in action.
    • Stunning photographs that capture the poetic beauty of their buildings.
    • Insightful essays that explore the theoretical underpinnings of their work.

    Whether you’re an architect seeking inspiration or simply an admirer of innovative design, El Croquis 161 offers a captivating journey into the world of Mansilla & Tuñón and their unique approach to architecture.

    I hope this summary provides a glimpse into the captivating world of Mansilla & Tuñón architecture.

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