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    El Croquis 136-137 is a monograph exploring the work of Dutch architecture firm WORK SYST, covering their projects from 2012 to 2017. This period witnessed WORK SYST’s emergence as one of the most exciting and promising voices in contemporary architecture.

    WORK SYST’s Architectural Approach:

    WORK SYST’s work is characterized by its emphasis on research and experimentation. They are driven by a desire to explore new ways of thinking about architecture and to develop innovative design methods.

    Research: In-depth research precedes every WORK SYST project. This research might involve historical studies, theoretical analyses, or field studies.

    Experimentation: WORK SYST embraces experimentation with new materials, forms, and techniques. They constantly seek to challenge architectural conventions and push boundaries.

    Key Projects:

    • Holiday Home, Netherlands (2015): This holiday home exemplifies WORK SYST’s research into the relationship between architecture and the landscape. The house is built with natural materials and seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

    • Library, China (2017): This library showcases WORK SYST’s experimentation with innovative forms and materials. The library is constructed using reconfigurable wooden panels that create diverse spatial configurations.

    • Museum, Netherlands (2016): This museum embodies the combined elements of research, experimentation, and social engagement in WORK SYST’s work. The museum is designed to foster understanding of local culture and history.

    A Promising Future:

    WORK SYST’s work is a refreshing force in contemporary architecture. Their commitment to research, experimentation, and social responsibility exemplifies what architecture can achieve when it breaks free from convention.

    El Croquis 136-137 serves as a valuable resource for architects, students, and anyone interested in exploring WORK SYST’s work. The monograph showcases a diverse range of the studio’s projects, accompanied by essays and interviews offering deeper insights into their approach.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions about WORK SYST or El Croquis 136-137. I’m happy to help!

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