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    El Croquis 105 is a monograph on the work of Dutch architectural firm Bolles + Wilson, covering their work from 1995 to 2001. This period saw the duo, Willem Bolles and Michiel Riedijk, establish themselves as one of the leading architectural firms in Europe.

    The book begins with an introduction by Bolles and Wilson, in which they discuss their architectural philosophy and their approach to design. This is followed by a series of essays by architectural critics and historians, who offer their perspectives on Bolles + Wilson’s work.

    The main body of the book is a comprehensive overview of Bolles + Wilson’s work from this era. The book includes projects from a variety of scales, including buildings, installations, and furniture. The projects are presented in a chronological order, allowing readers to trace the development of Bolles + Wilson’s architectural language.

    Some of the most notable projects featured in the book include:

    • New Luxor Theatre, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2001): This theater, which is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is a stunning example of Bolles + Wilson’s use of scale and proportion. The theater is made of glass, steel, and concrete, and it features a series of interlocking cubes that create a sense of openness and dynamism.
    • Dutch Embassy Berlin, Germany (1999): This embassy, which is located in Berlin, Germany, is a bold and experimental example of Bolles + Wilson’s work. The embassy is made of black glass and steel, and it features a series of vertical strips of windows that create a sense of movement and dynamism.
    • Casco Art Center Utrecht, Netherlands (1993): This art center, which is located in Utrecht, Netherlands, is a vibrant and colorful example of Bolles + Wilson’s use of materials and color. The art center is made of steel, glass, and colored tiles, and it features a series of interlocking curves that create a sense of movement and dynamism.

    Beyond Scale:

    El Croquis 105 goes beyond simply showcasing Bolles + Wilson’s use of scale and proportion. The book delves into the theoretical underpinnings of their work, exploring their ideas about space, light, and the relationship between architecture and the city. Essays by renowned critics and historians provide further context and analysis, making the book a valuable resource for architects, students, and anyone interested in the cutting edge of architectural thought.

    A Legacy of Inspiration:

    El Croquis 105 continues to be a source of inspiration for architects and artists today. Its exploration of scale, proportion, and movement reminds us that architecture can be both beautiful and functional. By showcasing the work of Bolles + Wilson, this book encourages us to rethink the possibilities of architecture and to create spaces that are both inviting and inspiring.


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