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    El Croquis 072** isn’t a single volume, but rather two separate publications under the same number:

    El Croquis 072 (I): Ben van Berkel: The Art of the Fold (1992-2002) focuses on the innovative Dutch architect Ben van Berkel and his exploration of folding techniques in architecture. You already have a detailed summary of its content.

    El Croquis 072 (II): Enric Miralles 1995 focuses on the prolific Catalan architect Enric Miralles, specifically his work in 1995. Here’s a breakdown of its content:


    • This section highlights Miralles’ position as a key figure in post-modern architecture and his exploration of biomorphic forms and unconventional materials.
    • It emphasizes the significance of 1995 as a transitional year for Miralles, following his collaboration with Carme Pinós and moving towards a new solo phase with Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT).

    Featured Projects:

    • The volume features detailed plans, sections, and elevations of several projects from 1995, including:
      • Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona, Spain
      • Parc de Cervantes Museum in Barcelona, Spain
      • Extension of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Vigo in Ourense, Spain
      • Various competition entries and proposals showcasing Miralles’ diverse project spectrum

    Thematic Overviews:

    • This section dives deeper into different aspects of Miralles’ work in 1995, including:
      • His approach to urban landscape and public spaces
      • His use of light and shadow to create atmosphere and texture
      • His experimentation with natural materials and building techniques

    Critical Essays:

    • Renowned architects and critics offer their perspectives on Miralles’ work and the significance of 1995 in his career.


    • The volume includes interviews with Miralles himself, providing insights into his design process and inspirations.


    • El Croquis is known for its high-quality photographs, drawings, and sketches, offering a comprehensive visual exploration of Miralles’ work.

    Overall, El Croquis 072 (II): Enric Miralles 1995 offers a valuable resource for architects, students, and anyone interested in understanding Miralles’ unique architectural language and his contribution to the field.

    I hope this clarifies the distinction between the two El Croquis 072 volumes and provides a detailed overview of the one focusing on Enric Miralles. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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