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    El Croquis 87 delves into the formative years of David Chipperfield Architects, showcasing their remarkable work from 1991 to 1997. This period saw the fledgling practice blossom, establishing a unique architectural voice characterized by meticulous attention to detail, materiality, and a profound understanding of space and light.

    The book opens with an insightful introduction by Chipperfield himself, reflecting on his early inspirations, design principles, and the nascent stages of his architectural journey. This sets the stage for a captivating exploration of the firm’s diverse portfolio from this era.

    A Symphony of Space and Light:

    • Luigi Ghirri House (1991): A sensitive restoration of a historic house in Modena, Italy, where Chipperfield masterfully blends contemporary elements with the existing architectural fabric.
    • Diocesan Museum, Rothenburg (1997): A contemplative space carved into a medieval monastery, showcasing Chipperfield’s ability to breathe new life into historic structures.
    • Coming of Age in Japan: Projekte in Japan (1991-1993): This section delves into Chipperfield’s early forays into Japan, where he designed a series of pavilions and galleries marked by precise geometry and minimalist elegance.

    Beyond Form and Function:

    The book delves deeper than just aesthetics, exploring the intellectual underpinnings of Chipperfield’s architecture. Essays by renowned critics and historians analyze his approach to context, materiality, and the creation of meaningful architectural experiences.

    A Legacy of Enduring Influence:

    El Croquis 87 serves as a testament to the early brilliance of David Chipperfield Architects. It’s a valuable resource for architects, students, and design enthusiasts seeking to understand the genesis of a practice that continues to shape the architectural landscape today.


    • David Chipperfield Architects
    • El Croquis 87
    • 1991-1997
    • Luigi Ghirri House
    • Diocesan Museum, Rothenburg
    • Projekte in Japan
    • Architectural Theory
    • Minimalism
    • Contextual Design

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